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I just moved to Crawfordville, and asked several people to recommend a hair stylist.  I went to that salon and what a mess!  Choppy, disconnected mess.
Four days later I walked in to and met Nikki depressed because I didn’t think there was any saving this short mess!  Nicki  fixed it and it looks fine.  She is the first stylist I’ve been to in a long time who actually knows how to cut hair.  A million thanks to Nicki.

I called yesterday 7-9-14 and spoke with Nikki told her my story, she took me yesterday. I told her about my hair type, very thin and fine and what I wanted and asked her opinion and WA LA….Best hair cut EVER!!!! Thank you Nikki!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!

Nikki is awesome! She has been doing my hair for years! I always go in and say lets do something different and I do get different, in a good way. I always come out loving it!

Nikki has been my stylist for many years. I adore her and I love what she does with my hair. She understands me and personality. I love Kutz-N-Kurlz they are very clean and professional. Go Nikki..love ya.
Kimberly Williams

I went to Kutz-N-Kurlz a few weeks ago for the first time and brought along a picture of what I wanted done, Nikki looked at the picture once and did the cut and color perfectly….I live in Havana but it’s totally worth the drive to have the perfect cut done, Will for sure be a long time client!!!….Love Kutz-N-Kurlz

Nikki rocks my hair! I was petrified when I moved here after repeated episodes if PTSD from stylist and crappy cut and color and Nikki renewed my hope that there are stylists out there that know what they’re doing !! And she is nice and fun which is a bonus we love Nikki!!

Did has always done a great job on cutting my hair. I always get compliments. I love how they make you feel at home every time you go in. Nikki is awesome. Not only do you get a hair cut you have a personal therapy session.

I have been going to Nikki for over 10 years! All 3 kids and even my mom when she comes to visit from NM sees Nikki! The salon atmosphere is very relaxing and everyone there is super friendly! I highly recommend them to anyone!

Nikki is the best. She will work you in to her schedule and she has the best personality ever. I have recommended several family members to the salon. They both make you feel like family.

This place is awesome and has the best prices! They are all so friendly..I have been going to Nikki for years and she never disappoints me! I highly recommend this place!

I met Nikki through a mutual friend years ago, in fact I think she was still in beauty school at the time…. She made me feel so welcome and comfortable with her and I completely trust and value her opinion when it comes time to cut or color my hair. Because of what a wonderful person and skilled talents I have stuck with her and as long as she is doing hair, she will be who I recommend to anyone!

I have recently moved back into town and use to get my hair done by Nikki, she’s fantastic, i know exactly what i want and she gives me exactly what i need, you’re the best Nikki……. April

Nikki is the bomb she is talented and beautiful and fun to be around. She sure helped me when someone messed up my hair one time and she made me look awesome!!!! Thanks girl your the best!!!!
Tina Blackmon

Nikki is the bomb! The best place in Crawfordville for hair therapy! It is a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend if you are looking for a stylist you give her a call.

I must say I would NEVER go anywhere else. Nikki has been doing my hair for almost 4 years now. Actually a co-worker would go get her hair done by Nikki and it was always so perfect! I so had to go see Nikki. And every single time it comes out perfect! Cut, Color, Style, everything.I have highly recommended Nikki to many people. I must say out of it all I got such a wonderful, sweet friend out of the deal. I love to go have “My Nikki Time”! I look forward to my time with her all the time! It’s so nice to go to a place where you know you will come out of there feeling absolutly beautiful, comfortable and amazing! Thank you so much Nikki and Dorean for making us all feel like a million bucks! You guys are amazing!

Nikki is the bomb, I have had many compliments on my hair, she did such a good
job and I’m a happy girl!!!! Thank Nikki

I found Nikki, by mistake, after a really bad cut…many moons ago. She took over from that day on. She NOT only is the best she will work with any time frame given. I call her my hair angel. I have never left there unhappy! She not only is my hair angel….she has became a great friend. My daughter claims that she can do magic…..lol…SHE CAN!

Mrs nikki did my jjair for this mrs wakulla pageant and not only did it stay all night but it looked absolutly amazing!! I felt so pretty!

Wouldn’t go anywhere else, I recommend Nikki all the time to people! Both of them are very friendly and accommodating to your schedule which is a good plus!I have had a hard time in the past finding someone that can cut my natural curly hair without messing it up,but Nikki has always done a great job!

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